Mondo Cane (2LP)


Ships on: June 26, 2024

The soundtrack from the cult-film documentary from 1962, directed by Paolo Cavara, Gualtiero Jacopetti & Franco Prosperi. This film saw great international success, winning awards at the 15th Cannes Film Festival, and is often seen as the film that gave real life to the cinematic strand of sensationalist documentaries - termed Mondo-Movie. The soundtrack has a cult following also, innovative and modern, influences that span from jazz to exotica. It won a Grammy and nominated for the Oscar in 1963. The score has been carefully restored and remastered from the original master tapes from the CAM Sugar archives. This release is presented with the original, authentic artwork and manufactured in Italy.


Side A

A1. Life Savers Girls
A2. L’Isola Maledetta (The Damned Island)
A3. Ragazze E Marinai (Girls And Sailors)
A4. Hong Kong Cha Cha Cha / Colazione Al Colony (Breakfast At The Colony)
A5. L’Ultimo Volo (The Last Flight)
A6. Dog Meat
A7. China Tarantella
A8. I Pescatori Di Ragjput / Gli Squali (The Fisherman of Ragjput / The Sharks)

Side B

B1. Modelle In Blu (Models In Blue) (More)
B2. Free Way (instrumental version)
B3. Casa Della Morte (House Of Death)
B4. Il Purgatorio (Purgatory)
B5. Repabhan Strasse (Repabhan Street)
B6. La Forcada (The Festival of The Bull)
B7. Cargo Cult -Finale Del Film

Side C

C1. Mondo Cane - Presentazione Base
C2. Mondo Cane - M2
C3. Mondo Cane - M4
C4. Mondo Cane - M5
C5. Mondo Cane - M14
C6. Mondo Cane - M16
C7. Mondo Cane - M17 Coro
C8. Mondo Cane - M18
C9. Mondo Cane - M22
C10. Mondo Cane - M23

Side D

D1. Mondo Cane - M27
D2. Mondo Cane - M39
D3. Mondo Cane - M41
D4. Mondo Cane - M44
D5. Mondo Cane - M47
D6. Mondo Cane - M64
D7. Mondo Cane - M66 (III)
D8. Mondo Cane - M66 (V)
D9. Mondo Cane - M68
D10. Mondo Cane - M71
D11. Mondo Cane - M73

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