Dreams (LP)


Ships on: July 25, 2024

Italian jazz singer-songwriter and composer Raphael Gualazzi is making a comeback with his latest album, Dreams, scheduled for release on October 6, 2023.

Gualazzi, renowned for his piano mastery and distinctive vocals, claimed victory at the prestigious Sanremo Festival in 2011 and proudly represented Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest, securing an impressive 2nd place with the captivating anthem, "Madness of Love." Gilles Peterson later worked his remix magic on this track, achieving considerable success in France.

Over the years, Raphael has graced some of Europe's most illustrious stages, with his music resonating from Italy to France, Germany, and even reaching as far as Japan and Canada.
He has become a sought-after artist for international commercials, collaborating with industry giants like Adobe, Lipton, ENI, Costa, and Telecom.
His musical genius extended to the enchanting world of Disney, where he composed original music for the beloved film "Moana", even lending his voice to the character Tamatoa in the Italian version.

Raphael's latest project, Dreams, comprises 12 original tracks in both Italian and English. Dreams serve as the focal point of this new endeavor, with compositions that transport listeners on daydreaming journeys. These compositions feature jazz melodies, rhythms, and new soul harmonies, guiding the imagination through a tapestry of images and emotions.

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A1. Dreams
A2. Vorrei Capire
A3. In Esilio Da Me
A4. Vivido Il Tramonto
A5. Malinconia Di Averti
A6. I Won't Lie (Feat. Emma Morton)
B1. Wild Man Singing
B2. Not Scared
B3. Addiction Waltz
B4. Soul Affirmation
B5. You Are My Africa
B6. Fragile