Profumo di Donna / Scent of a Woman (CD)


Ships on: July 25, 2024

Heritage Collection N°2

Profumo di Donna (aka Scent of a Woman) is one of the most internationally acclaimed Italian films. The film directed by Dino Risi - based on the novel Il Buio e il Miele by Giovanni Arpino - was showcased at the 1975 Cannes Film Festival, where the main interpreter Vittorio Gassman was crowned with the Award for Best Actor. The following year Scent of a Woman found its international consecration with two Academy Award nominations for Best Foreign Film and Best Screenplay. The film’s long-lasting success even led Hollywood to shoot a remake in the ‘90s starring Al Pacino, who in 1993 won an Oscar as Best Actor for his performance. 

The score composed by Armando Trovajoli for the film is a masterpiece of dramatic music writing, capable of combining his great passion for jazz (Those Lazy Days) with the necessity for a distinctive melancholic and touching theme splendidly arranged for a big orchestra (In the Dark). However, the soundtrack doesn’t lack wonderful forays into easy listening, folk, jazz-funk, and even disco with a track that wouldn’t definitely look out of place in Barry White’s catalogue (Woman’s Parfume). 

The icing on the cake is the hit song "Che Vuole Questa Musica Stasera," an exquisitely charming, moving, and decadent ballad interpreted by Peppino Gagliardi and already re-proposed in contemporary films, amongst which The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (Guy Ritchie, 2015), Lo spietato (The Ruthless) (Renato De Maria, 2019, starring Riccardo Scamarcio), Welcome Home (George Ratliff, 2018, starring Aaron Paul, Emily Ratajkowski, Riccardo Scamarcio).

The album, fully restored and remastered from the original master tapes, comes in an LP version featuring a previously unreleased track, and in a CD version including up to 7 unreleased songs.


  1. In The Dark
  2. Passeggiando Per Genova
  3. Per La Strada
  4. Tu, Amore Mio
  5. Aria Di Napoli
  6. Those Lazy Days
  7. Lungo Il Marciapiede
  8. Woman's Parfume
  9. Che Vuole Questa Musica Stasera feat. Peppino Gagliardi
  10. Benedicite
  11. Sara
  12. Le Voilà
  13. In The Dark #2
  14. Profumo di Donna - Tema 2 °
  15. Tu, Amore Mio #2 °
  16. Tu, Amore Mio #3 °
  17. Champagne Boogie °
  18. Liscio & Swing °
  19. Tu, Amore Mio #4 °
  20. In The Dark - Versione Alternativa °


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