Amarcord (CD)


Ships on: July 25, 2024

Heritage Collection N°1

Nino Rota’s soundtrack for Federico Fellini’s milestone and 1974 Oscar-winning film Amarcord. Rota’s music is superb in evoking the visions and scents of Fellini’s boyhood in Rimini, resulting in a timeless classic that stands as a symbol of Italian culture and rural charm in the world. The soundtrack is presented for the first time ever as a CD and a 180gr gatefold double LP, carefully restored and remastered from the original master tapes, featuring 15 tracks previously unreleased on vinyl.


  1. Amarcord
  2. La Fogaraccia
  3. Le Manine Di Primavera
  4. Lo Struscio /quel Motivetto Che Mi Piace Tanto /stormy Weather /la Cucaracha
  5. L’emiro E Le Sue Odalische / Salomé – Abat-jour
  6. Gary Cooper
  7. La Gradisca E Il Principe
  8. Siboney
  9. Danzando Nella Nebbia
  10. Tutti a Vedere Il Rex
  11. Quanto Mi Piace La Gradisca
  12. La Gradisca Si Sposa E Se Ne Va
  13. Amarcord (Guitar and Harmonica)
  14. Siboney (Accordion)
  15. Amarcord (Grand Hotel)
  16. Amarcord (Il Barbiere)
  17. Amarcord (Tenderness)
  18. Amarcord (Dancefloor Part 1)
  19. Amarcord (Grand Hotel) (Alternate)
  20. Salomé - Abat-jour (Alternate)
  21. Danzando Nella Nebbia (Alternate Mix)
  22. Amarcord (Funeral) (Alternate)
  23. Amarcord (Theme)
  24. La Fogaraccia (Film Version)
  25. Lo Struscio / Quel Motivetto Che Mi Piace Tanto (Alternate)
  26. Amarcord (Dancefloor Part 2) (Alternate)
  27. Amarcord (Zio Matto a Vuoto)

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